Do not adjust your volume. This spot is silent on purpose. Why? Because there's a big silence around tuberculosis, even though it kills 400 children every day. It's time to give this epidemic a voice. And do something about it. Go to

Client: Joanna Breitstein, TB Alliance Agency: FCB Health Chief Creative Officer: Rich Levy Creative Director: Mike Devlin VP, Associate Creative Director: Dave Gehrke Art Supervisor: Randall Jones Copy Supervisor: Tanya Vanriel Art Supervisor: John Bergdahl Copy Supervisor: David Hurwitz Creative Technologist: Jordan Lafland User Experience: Matt Klein Dir., Creative Technology: Jose Couto Sr. Digital Producer: Jonathan Wetter Social Community Manager: Glorelys Mora Social Media Supervisor: Rebecca Miller Account Lead: Peg Peist Account: Christina Richichi Planner: Nick Boris Executive Producer: Matt Hall Producer: Dorothy Saint jean, Madison Mavis Editor: Jim Azzara Sound Design: Joel Stearns

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