TC Bank - Dream Rangers - (2011) 3:00 (Taiwan)


TC Bank - Dream Rangers - (2011) 3:00 (Taiwan)

Forget selling banks with the "for all your roast beef needs" tired old phrases, in Taiwan they'll tug at your heartstrings hard to convince you that their bank is the right choice. Because what is banking? It's saving money for a rainy day, borrowing money for something you need, and in this case it's for that last epic motorcycle road trip across Taiwan, just so you can hang with the gang at beach like you did so long ago.

Edit: I posted this under "Thailand" at first, when the agency credits reads "Taiwan". Man, I need coffee. My bad!

Ad agency:Ogilvy Taiwan

Creative Director: Jennifer Hu
Copywriter: Jennifer Hu, Justin Chia
Art director: Leah Chen
Producer: Abby Ku
Director: Thanonchai



Epic! I want to jump on my Sportster and ride. That is, if the Bank will lend me the money for a new one. Never the less, it is a great ad.

Most likely the only bank ad I would not ignore if "Big Bank US of A" ran something like this. Doubt it; American banks only run cheesy ads at best.

I really like this.

well.... this commercial was made in Thailand with a Thai crew, although it's a Taiwan brand and Taiwan agency

Man, no wonder I'm confused then. Still, now that we have both words in the post, it'll be found whether you search Thailand or Taiwan. WIN!

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