TDC - Naturisterne / the Nudists Britta and Claus - (2010) 1:10 (Denmark)


TDC - Naturisterne / the Nudists Britta and Claus - (2010) 1:10 (Denmark)

Britta and Claus are ordinary people, living their ordinary lives with the villa, the volvo and the TDC telecom provider, just like the rest of you folks in suburbia. Britta loves gardening because it's relaxing, and Claus because he makes her laugh. Claus loves pulling pranks and BBQ. In short they're just like you and me with their villa, volvo and TDC.... and they're nudists.

There's no way I can do the copy justice here in my translation, but that's the jist.

Principal talent: Peter Frödin (Britta) and Kirsten Lehfeldt (Claus)
Ad agency: Wibroe Duckert & Partners
Client: TDC
Song: Recomp of "Det er i dag et vejr" written by Poul Schierbeck 1939



Just to be SO CLEAR, they're not naked - the actress Kirsten Lehfeldt is dressed as a naked dude and Peter Frödin as a nude lady, with his female mannerisms down pat, well done.

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