This needs a bit of backsplainin', dear adgrunts, so here goes: Tele2 have been running an ad campaign with a black sheep named Frank for many years. Frank walks, talks - in English only - has a career and yes, he even adopted a white sheep. Yes he did. Frank the black sheep flew to China and adopted a white lamb. Ignoring the many layers of weird there, here's Frank discussing a deal with HBO to make a movie of his biography. With Laurence Fishburne starring as the black sheep Frank. I'm wondering what possessed Laurence Fishburne to do this commercial, did he find the script to be amusing? Was it money? Is he plain bored?

The "Being Frank" story is obviously supposed to lead up to the deal with HBO on the tele2 network. That's when things go from weird, to worse.

Ad agency: KING Client: Tele2 Principal talent: Laurence Fishburne
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