What would you do if SMS/text messages were only half a cent? Play giant pacman, of course. New Zealand telecom figures that when you can send 2500 texts per month to any NZ network for $12 with "Text Anyone 2500", you can get pretty creative.

Kieren Cooney from Telecom, says one of the brilliant things about Mobile is how people are coming up with seemingly endless ways of using the phones and services. And this idea celebrates that - the imagination and energy of New Zealanders, specifically in the way we've embraced Mobile to enrich our lives.

"We want to reflect this increased usage with better plans, and ensure customers have real certainty around the price they're paying. That was the idea behind Text Anyone 2500 - it's the best text plan in New Zealand, you get 2500 texts to anyone on any New Zealand network for $12 - that makes it around half a cent a text."

So, playing life sized pac-man in cities is commonplace in New Zealand? I'm so moving there!

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Client: Telecom NZ Agency: Saatchi & Saatchi, Auckland Production Company: Automatic Films Director: Adam Gunser Dylan Harrison : Executive Creative Director Scott Huebscher : Creative Director Jon Austin : Copywriter Rich Robson : Art Director Declan Cahill : Producer Jane Oak : Agency Producer Simon Wedde : Account manager