From the moment we heard the shifting layers of Bloc Party's 'Obscene' we knew things were going to get weird. At the studio we had been experimenting with face tracking and digital doubles and this piece became an experimental platform for some new techniques. Once we involved our friends at ACACA Studio in Sao Paulo, led by designer and animator Raquel Falkenbach, we knew things were going to get even weirder. The unfiltered visuals are a pretty raw projection of our collective psyche (yes, including the poodle). We aren't completely sure what we've created here, but we love the way it makes us feel.

Client: Rdio Prod Co: Blacklist EP: Andrew Linsk Producer: Patrick Gantert Direction and Concept: Tendril Co CDs: Daniel Luna, Raquel Falkenbach Executive Producer: Kate Bate Producer: Anne Deslauriers DOP: Daniel Luna, Leo Mateus Art Director: Átila Meirelles Animation Director: Ricardo Máximo Design: Raquel Falkenbach 3D Animation: Raquel Falkenbach Props: Daniel Luna, Leo Mateus Script: Ricardo Máximo Performer: Patrick Coffey

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