In this - rather hilarious - Scottish dub of an interview with Kim K in her closet, we find a bizarro world where she buys everything at Oxfam and charity shops, if she isn't just finding fashionable scarves on the ground. This is an ad for Tennent’s new drink Lemon T.

Paul Condron, marketing director at Tennent Caledonian, explains:

With Lemon T we want to bringing consumers a refreshing change. We’re all used to seeing plenty of glitz and glamour where the Kardashians are concerned so we thought we’d take a popular clip, turn it on its head, and inject a bit of Scottish humour into it…. sorry Kim!

And so that is how we find Kim K bragging about her fashion that costs ‘less than a steak bake’. Sure it does. Well, it kind of looks like it does, to be honest.

Principal talent: Gary Lamont (VO / dub)