Watch out folks, this tune is rather catchy. I know I shouldn't have this reaction but now I want to take a roadtrip down south USA. Will the radio-stations play stuff like this all the time? Next stop, Nashville!

.......In the second spot, Everywhere, Trent Jeffcoat singing We'll Be Everywhere is the energetic anthem for a relentless corps of Tennessee state troopers who ruthlessly halt drivers that have been speeding, driving while impaired, or traveling without a seatbelt. A treatment creates a gray, somber texture to balance the upbeat tempo of the soundtrack and underscore the dark consequences of serious driving violations. The only color in the spot is the almost ceaseless barrage of flickering blue police lights, a symbolic addition that acts as both a reassuring reminder that the police will break through the lawbreaking darkness and a warning to would-be violators that law enforcement will always shine through no matter how dark the world gets.

"What made these spots so successful was the incredible collaboration between so many talented groups," noted Van Baelen. "Tombras was very open to new ideas and understood that the budget was tight, but we were able to come up with a great product. This was a really exciting opportunity to deliver a timeless message through a set of exciting, technologically sophisticated spots."

"These spots were a real collaborative process, and Lieven and Rabbit were awesome to work with," stated Tombras Group Creative Director Rob Simpson. "Lieven expressed real passion and openness to new ideas from start to finish. When the original idea of making the vehicles go from 50 mph to a stop instantly turned out to be impossible, Lieven's understanding of bringing in-camera FX and post VFX together was critical to devising a new technique to make the idea work."

The Tennessee Governor's Highway Safety Office (GHSO) has been running their 100 Days of Summer campaign for several years and wanted to inject it with a new creative energy. Rabbit and Tombras worked closely with GHSO to overhaul the idea and create the most comprehensive, effective campaign possible. Rabbit dedicated all their fees to the spot's production, as the entire company strongly supports the agency and GHSO's efforts and their eagerness to embrace a creative, nontraditional campaign.

Client: Tennessee Governor's Highway Safety Office Spots Title: Everywhere, Nailed Air Date: June 2009 Agency: The Tombras Group Creative Director/Writer: Rob Simpson Creative Director/Art Director: Paul Szary Senior Account Executive: Amanda Lewis Production Supervisor: Sarah Holtz Producer: Mary Kondrat Prod Company: Rabbit Director: Lieven Van Baelen EP(s): Douglas Howell, Anura Idupuganti Producer: JD Davison Editorial: Nozon Editor: Alain Dessauvage Producer: James Vanderhaeghen and Linda Van Zeebroek Telecine: Nozon Post/Effects: Nozon Music: Howling Music (.Everywhere.) Composer: David Grow Sound Design: 740 Sound Design (.Nailed.) Sound Designer: Eddie Kim and Andrew Tracy Shoot Location: Nashville

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