If you don't have the dream, you don't fly. Dream with fire. I dreamed I did tequila with the gods. Uh, whut? I wanted to like this ad, but there were so many ideas crammed in to it. Initially I thought they were talking about dreams as in dreaming big and likening that to the way they made Avión which would have been one idea. But then we're off on this tangent about high elevation and drinking with gods and I kinda lost the plot because it reminded me of Matthew Mcconaughey rambling, and then I thought maybe someone spiked my tequila with something because the voice over was being repeated over some kind of walkie talkie at some point and then I was climbing up a big hill but then all of a sudden I was leaving da club. Then I started thinking-- if this is an ad for tequila, should they really be showing somebody driving this much? Also, since when are we "doing," tequila like it was ayahuasca?

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