To celebrate a collab between Teva and Danish men's fashion brand Han Kjøbenhavn , Fitzroy Amsterdam created this spot shot in Copenhagen and set to The Quitter by Robert W Service. Determination-the main theme of the poem-is what drives both the sandal brand and the high fashion brand. Fair enough. But if you try to analyze what you're watching too closely, it seems more like an even more post apocalyptic version of the sci-fi nightmare Logan's Run starring models.

Client: Teva : Barry Schmits, Priscilia Streefkerk
Concept : Fitzroy Amsterdam x Han Kjøbenhavn
Production : Nobody Danmark x Fitzroy Amsterdam
Director : Jeppe Kolstrup
DOP : Frederik Säll
Producer : Claus Moller
1.AD : Lachlan Forbes1.AC : Kenneth
Gaffer : Martin Riello
Set/Props Designer : Joshua Beckford
Stylist : Bjørg Frellesvig
Make-up : Marianne Rud
Production Assistant : Kristian Pugholm
Editor : Peter Brandt
Colourist : Norman Nisbet
Vfx : Andreas Blinkenberg
Sound Design : Lars Bo
Music : Kasper Bjorke


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