How do you announce that with the TGV you can travel non-stop from Lyon's to Brussels? Why not invite the people of Lyon, one person at a time? On the morning of September 21th, Lyon woke up to find a 3 meter high cube in Place de la République. The cubes had little face-sized holes in them. Underneath the simple hole the message read "Take a look at Brussels". Many curious person had to poke their head in it.

During two days, hundreds of inhabitants of Lyon got caught up by their curiosity, and to their surprise, found themselves thrown into Brussels. Yes! The inhabitants of Lyon were received live from Mont des Arts by the mayor of Brussels, his official band and the people from Brussels, faithful with the reputation of Belgian hospitality. Tres bizarre!

A technological feat made ​​possible by several screens interconnected by a satellite and arranged in the two cities of course, but it's much cooler if we just pretend it was a teleportation device. Beam me up Scotty.

Advertised brand: SNCF Advert title(s): ”Take a look at Brussels” Advertising Agency: TBWA\PARIS, Boulogne Billancourt, France Agency website: Executive Creative Directors: Eric Holden, Rémi Noël, Philippe Simonet Creative Directors : Franck Botbol, Hugues Cholez Art Director: Jérémy Armand Copywriter: Nicolas Roncerel Additional credits: Producer: Laurence Collavini Event: Napoleon / Fabien Demaria, Benjamin Bosquet Production Company: \ELSE Maxime Boiron, Cathy Pericone, Jennifer Bauche Director: Franck Cimière Cameraman: JM Besenval, Alex Tissot, Julien Rideau Sound Design/Arrangement: \ELSE Edit: Nicolas Gérard, Samuel Morin Advertiser: Isabelle Bascou, Delphine Nathan, Charlotte Taieb, Nihan Angrimangi Account manager: Anne Vincent, Luc Bourgery, Sandrine Pajot, Laurence Borne, Edouard Manhes