Thais have the second largest obesity rate in Southeast Asia, due to their diets. They like them some greasy food. But that's leading to health problems. Because it's really hard to get them to change their diets, BBDO Bangkok thought, instead of trying to change what they eat, let's help them change the way they are eating. Together with the Thai Health Promotion Foundation, they invented AbsorbPlate, which is basically a cooling rack-plate combo that separates excess grease before you eat it. Each plate can reduce up to 7 milliliters of grease. Which is about a teaspoon and a half of grease, or 30 extra calories. It's also easy to wash. Neat idea.

Client : Thai Health Promotion Foundation Advertising Agency : BBDO Bangkok Chief Creative Officer : Suthisak Sucharittanonta Executive Creative Director : Anuwat Nitipanont Creative Director : Pitha Udomkanjananan Art Director : Nattagorn Thairattanasuwan Copywriter : Manamai Rodpetch Client Service Director: Vasanai Pakapongpan