We attempted to show what really happens when you ingest all the spiciness of an Angry WHOPPER®. The flaring tempers, the seething, the fury and an undying love for lunch in the latest TV spot for BK.

Agency: TAXI 2, Toronto Executive Creative Director: Lance Martin Art Director: Johnnie Ingram Writer: Alexis Gropper Agency Producer: Aggie Brook Production House: Sons & Daughters Director: Matt Eastman Production House Producer: C.J. Hervey Executive Producer: Dan Ford Cinematographer: Sean Valentini Editor: Aaron Dark, School Editing Account Director: Patrick O'Donovan Account Manager: Sabrina Nicosia Media Agency: Initiative

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  • Bryan Sharp's picture
    Bryan Sharp

    I wonder if someone actually killing someone else after eating an Angry Whopper would help or hurt the burger's sales?

    Aug 28, 2009

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