Think - Sudden Death - 0:30 2003 (sweden)


Think - Sudden Death - 0:30 2003 (sweden)

This is not a game, children.

agency : scp sweden



Since the audio sounds like it comes from the spanish soccer channel (no better way to watch football) obviously, and then it shows war scenes followed by a pong-like score screen and then the word "Think." appears with the sound of bleating (sp?) sheep, then I think I might find this okay if not out of the ordinary. Just wondering what/who the hell this is aimed for? Whats the american parallel if any?

It's just a Swedish anti-war ad, so the American bit would be.... go ahead... Guess.

As you can see, no American references in the ad. Except maybe the american made tanks.

Sadly enough, the non-parallel is what I thought. Just hoping I was wrong. Maybe I'll cheer myself up by visiting something shocking.

Yeah, no connection unless the timing of the ad counts. It's anti-war in general.

This question needs to be asked.

What the helvetet is the bleating about? Do sheep have some kind of symbolic significance for you guys?

I think they mean "sheep follow the herd". I guess people who are for war, are sheep. ?

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