For Valentines day the thirsty camel - the bottle store that supports the responsible serving and consumption of alcohol - thought they might amuse you a bit with a very truthful film about internet-goggles. They are similar to the Tuborg beer-goggles (alert: 1994 Danish ad), in that everything looks better through the haze of white wine, iMac screens and blatant lies. The twist can be seen coming like a galloping lighthouse on fire, and it paints potential customers as weirdo loners who hang around their computers all day eating fatty chips and drinking. It's also approx 60 seconds too long.

Now I feel like comparing to the days of yore and more Danish beer ads, this one "I get a kick out of you" was ten seconds too long and caused all sorts of trouble (my bad), while Paul Arden got Brigitte Nielsen to open a beer with her boobs. My personal favorite is when the bartender makes the Swede swear to behave even when drunk. This concludes your danish ad history lesson today. Yes, it'll be on the test.

Ad agency: Twenty20


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