Geddit? Habit??! Nun's habit? Anyone?
Oh, never mind.

This cute-ish spot features a very guilt-ridden nun who had no idea the washing machine was so dirty. Thanks to Tide Washing Machine Cleaner, now she does.

Is it me, or did someone at the agency enjoy the nun saying the word "dirty" a little too much. Either that or they just wanted to ram the point home a hald dozen times.

Client: Tide Agency: Saatchi & Saatchi New York Creative Director: Laura Mulloy Associate Creative Director: Lauren McCrindle Associate Creative Director: Erin Wendel VP, Executive Producer: Liz Sloane Chief Production Officer: Tanya LeSieur Director of Content Production: John Doris Production Company: Community Films Director: Matt Smukler Executive Producer: Carl Swan Executive Producer: Lizzie Schwartz Producer: Carr Donald Director of Photography: Peter Donahue Production Designer: Tony Gasparro Editorial: Cut and Run Editor: Jon Grover Producer: Ashley Thompson

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