Timotei Shampoo basically ruled the 70s and 80s with a simple campaign idea: get a pretty girl, a white dress, meadows full of Timotei flowers and a vaseline lens. Then shot twenty seven variations of it, endlessly. The only competition Timotei really had was with Liquid Prell "Isle of Green" Shampoo, as they always tripled the amount of lovely ladies prancing around in long dresses out in nature. Timotei totally cornered the creative market on "natural ways of washing your hair", rinsing the shampoo out in lakes, with wooden buckets, or even in waterfalls. Shampoo ads that screamed "natural", while the product was essentially flower scented soap. Also, Timotei ads were nearly always shot in Sweden.

Farrah Fawcett basically copied this with a hairstyle update and a bike when she sold her name to Faberge Shampoo.


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