See, back in the United Kingdom in the 80s, they used to have talking fruit salads. Saucy pineapples and lusting apples who were all dreaming of having a bit of something milky and creamy poured over them. In flies a can of Tip Top and drenches the fruit - this is getting weirder by the second. Then the can flies over to mom's seat and compliments her: "Aren't you looking slim, mum." She responds: "With your help Tip Top" Now, the question is, how much acid do you need to be on to dream up flying cans and talking fruit that lust for being drenched in creamy ....whatever Tip Top is. I mean they spent this whole ad talking about Tip Top, but they never mention what it actually is. All I know it, it comes in a flying can.

Tip Top

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