TNT - TNT Winter 2010? - (2009) :30 (Israel)

A rather unusual setting for a fashion brand, in the post apocalypse after the swine flu kills us all, the last remaining people, who happen to be enfant terrible duo Alice Dellal and Josh Beech, stare each other out as they get dressed. Because if you were the last two people on earth, fashion would matter, right?

Update, BBR Saatchi Tel Aviv really want this description to go with it - so here you go.

The global swine flu pandemic serves as an unlikely yet effective backdrop to this latest TV spot for clothing brand TNT, created by BBR Saatchi & Saatchi Tel Aviv. The ad casts enfants terribles duo Alice Dellal and Josh Beech as the world's sole survivors in this post-apocalyptic, 'what if' scenario. The commercial ends with the tagline, 'Winter 2010?'

Client: TNT Agency: BBR Saatchi & Saatchi Tel Aviv Production Company: Gustavo Director: Ranny Carmeli Yael Ron, Sigal Tzur - Account manager Yoram Levi - Executive Creative Director Ben Sever - Creative Director Amarel Shoshani - Art Director Ran Tzalach - Copywriter Planning director - Libby Katz Senior planner - Shani Goldberg Planner - Moran Raphaeli
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