In its new “Treadmill” spot, Campbell Mithun runs a lawnmower on a grass-covered treadmill to demonstrate Toro’s Personal Pace® technology for walk power mowers. A stagecraft neighborhood scene spins in the background as the hero hurries to beat the weather, slows for a whistling bird, and hustles away from a barking dog -- all while adjusting the pace of his Toro® mower accordingly on the grassy treadmill deck. “Whatever speed you want to go,” declares the voiceover, “one mower will match your pace.”

Agency Credits
Chief creative officer: Heath Rudduck
Executive creative director: Reid Holmes
Copywriter: Paul Brink
Art director: Chelsea Klevesahl
EVP/director of integrated production: Kathy DiToro
Executive integrated producer: Bill Smallacombe

Production Credits
Production studio: Moo Studios
Executive producer: David Lyons
Director: Andy Huang
Line producer / production manager: Rich Payne
Music: Emoto Music (Los Angeles)


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  • adrianroronoa's picture
    adrianroronoa (not verified)

    how many chances of engine damage will occur when used 3 times a week.
    and how long it's going to happen,
    how to claim warranty??

    Feb 25, 2013

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