This has been sitting in the inbox for a week and I'm just getting around to it, but this ad may feature the best acting Ron Jeremy has ever done. He's Jewish and yet his movies are being rejected from the Toronto Jewish Film Festival. Jeremy deadpans his way through it, to the accompaniment of sad piano. Very funny stuff.

Client: Toronto Jewish Film Festival
Director: Brian Lee Hughes
Production Company: Skunk
Director of Photgraphy:Jason McCormick
Executive Producer: Donovan Boden
Executive Producer: Harlan Weiss
Executive Producer: Matt Factor
Line Producer: Jen Rose
Post Production Company: Rooster
Editing Executive Producer: Melissa Kahn
Editor: Marc Langley
Assistant Editor: Nick Greaves
VFX/Animation: Fort York
Online Editor: Paul Binney
Color: Alter Ego
Colorist: Eric Whipp
Audio: Pirate
Audio director: Steve Gardner
Audio engineer: Jared Kuemper
Music supervisor: Chris Tait


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