Toya De Lazy - "Heart" - (2012) 3:48

Bouffant's Jeana Theron directs the video for SA pop-sensation Toya Delazy's latest single "Heart". There's an ocean and a heart fishing for love, and dancing braids.

Clearly a labour of love for Jeana, her background in Fine Arts shines through in this cute video which was conceptualised and planned to painstaking detail by the director herself.

It's quite a bit "Sorry I'm late, the full size stop motion animation technique that is. This technique was also seen in ads for Tunisas and even Target joined in. So while the animation style is fascinating, it's not very new, which leaves only the story and execution to be fresh.

Directed by Jeana Theron Client / Product: Title: Toya De Lazy - Heart Length: 3 mins and 45 sec. Country of Origin: South Africa Production Information: Production Company: Bouffant Director: Bouffant Producer: Bryony Webster Director of Photography: Rob Wilson Production Art Director: Adi Koen Post-Production Info: Editor & Company: Tessa Ford Post - Tessa Ford Visual Effects Company: Refinery Music Company/Composer/Sound: Toya De Lazy Post-Production Online: Refinery Colourist: Terry Simpson Editor: Nick Young Post-Production Offline: Tessa Ford
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