"Not trendy, not casual, not for everyone"

Wanna see some hot sexy leggy model ass? OF COURSE YOU DO. The strut, man, the strut models do in bikini-wear and other high-fashion nothings, that stuff is in need of constant rewind.

The model here is Stav Strashko who proudly declared on his own facebook page: ''Omg Its finally out, my ass and face on Toyota's new Auris commercial!!!!'' Yes, the twist is that the androgynous ass is like the backside of a Auris... it's ....Uh... different? I have no idea what this is meant to mean.

Back in 2008 this Sony Ericsson advert really enjoyed the silence caused by featuring a transvestite. Today, this ad is getting attention specifically because Stav Strashko can strut like a lady model in teeny bikini bottoms

Client: Toyota