I will preface this. People who drive Toyota Landcruisers are a special kind of helpful adventurers. There's literally "Landcruiser gangs" that drives out to remote places to drag Jeep's out of situations too difficult for them to handle. Not even kidding. Then, we have Australia. A country where even jellyfish can kill you. Where the outback is a bit like a giant terracotta frying bowl. It's a given that Toyota Landcruiser owners down here would be plentiful, and they kick the helpful up a notch, and so they have the Toyota LandCruiser Emergency Network. It's a brilliant idea that turns the landcruisers out there into moving Wifi hotspots, enabling people out of reach from cellular networks to piggyback on their wifi-signal in order to send out an emergency signal/call. This is an idea that is actually changing the world - starting with the outback, of course.

Created with a little help from Saatchi & Saatchi "Nothing is impossible", Australia. Really well done guys. Great idea. I see special pencils & lion bling in your future.

Ad Agency: Saatchi & Saatchi Australia Executive Creative Director : Michael Spirkovski