Thoughts that went through my head upon viewing this:

What a great ad for the Muppets new movie.

Did Toyota really have to watermark the whole spot?

Since when is Terry Crews considered boring?

Why are we making fun of old people who play bingo?

When did Janis start sounding like an unconvincing female impersonator?

How exactly is the Highlander not boring besides the fact that it seats a bunch of people?

Why are they all of a sudden at Carnival and why does Carnival look like Southern California instead of Rio?

Oh please tell me at the end of the spot, Terry Crews has just been hallucinating. Please tell me it's a bad trip.

When did Kermit become a Middle American suburbanite?

Client: Toyota Agency Saatchi and Saatchi LA ECD: Chris Adams, Margaret Keene CD: John Payne ACD/Copywriter: Matty Poitras ACD/Art Director: Jera Mehrdad Director of Content Production Sara Seibert Executive Integrated Producer: Margaret Nickerson Senior Integrated Producer: Holly Otto Associate Integrated Producer: Antonietta Smekal Project Managers: Christen Gillbank Executive Director of Idea Management: Al Reid Account Director: Courtney Husk Account Supervisor: Patrick Young Account Executive: Giordana Pisano Assistant Account Executive Nissa Gutierrez Product Information Specialist Joe Rigonan Strategic Planning Director: Don Rohn Sr. Strategic Planner: Amaya D'Amico Sr. Participation Planning Director: Danielle Betras Executive Communications Director: John Lisko Broadcast Media Director: Janet Waters Media: Abbi Palmer Business Affairs Manager: Tasha Royzina Client Name: Russ Koble PRODUCTION COMPANY: Caviar Content EXECUTIVE PRODUCER: Michael Sagol/Jasper Thomlinson/Cathleen Kisich PRESIDENT OF PRODUCTION COMPANY: DIRECTOR: Jody Hill EDITING COMPANY: Whitehouse Post EXECUTIVE PRODUCER: Joni Williamson PRODUCER: Kristin Branstetter EDITOR: Rick Lawley/Shane Reid ASSISTANT EDITOR: James Dierx/Zach Vandlik SPECIAL EFFECTS/FINISHING: The Mill PARTNER: Disney/The Muppets Studio MUSIC: Walker Music Studio SOUND DESIGN: Rohan Young, Lime Studios MIX: Lime Studios

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  • Dabitch's picture

    The only thing that was good about this was a muppet saying that terrible slogan. The intonation.

    Jan 28, 2014

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