Some say the key to selling is to hook people when they're young. I suppose this means that the little kid currently dancing around the house singing this tune will be a Prius driver in a few years. "That tune is so catchy" she says, and we can't disagree. “Hum” features animated characters embarking on a cross-country tour set to an original soundtrack written and produced by Saatchi LA, in fact, one of Saatchi LA's creative producers came up with the tune while strumming a guitar in his garage. It's sticky like glue, this jingle.

First Air/Live Date: 9/12/12 ECD: Chris Adams, Margaret Keene CD: Gavin Lester, Glenn Sanders ACD/Copywriter: Ted Kapusta ACD/Art Director: Thomas Rodgers Director of Integrated Production Tanya LeSieur Associate Director of Integrated Production Melissa Eccles Senior Producer Margaret Nickerson Producer: Annie Porter Associate Integrated Producer: Mike Heil Project Managers: Shaunt Halebian Account Director: Marisstella Marinkovic Account Supervisor: Michelle Agnew Account Executive: Chloe Martin Strategic Planning Director: Sara Bamossy Senior Strategic Planner: Regan Zajac Business Affairs Manager: Stephen Duncan Client Name: Colin Morisako PRODUCTION COMPANY: Passion Pictures EXECUTIVE PRODUCER: Belinda Blacklock / Nicola Finn DIRECTOR: Sam Mason DP: Pete Candeland LINE PRODUCER: Angela Foster / Adrian Piasek-Wanski HEAD OF CG Jason Nicolas VFX SUPERVISOR Neil Riley CHARACTER DESIGN/DEVELOPMENT Stephanie Davidson/Kim Dulaney CG ANIMATION SUPERVISOR Wesley Coman CG SUPERVISOR Mario Ucci/Rick Thiele Telecine The Mill London / James Bamford GRAPHICS NA MUSIC: Black Iris Music / Brian Loschiavo EP/Creative Director: Daron Hollowell Creative Director: Jonathan Fuller Producer Amy Crilly SOUND DESIGN: Rohan Young / Lime Studios     MIX: Rohan Young / Lime Studios

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