How do you sell something that makes you look like an antenna-headed teletubbie, without having the audience break out in giggles?

Simple, show people what you'll see when you use this. As the mask covers the entire face, it allows you to breathe naturally underwater, to inhale through your nose and exhale your mouth. It's just like it is on land, except you're floating, gazing at your surroundings. The interchanging, often indistinguishable, images of sky and water underscore how natural this feels. I'll have to try this, I love snorkling. Suddenly, the camera flips 180° and we see the swimmer from below, realizing his whole immersive experience was provided by the Easybreath mask. The selling is all in the visual execution here. conceived by Rosapark and well directed by Fleur&Manu who merged underwater and sky. The music is created by composer Laurent Perez Del Mar. Gorgeous all around.

I won't mind looking like a white alien teletubbie in this mask if it feels like this. Sign me up.

Brand: Tribord Brand Management : Espen Heier Directeur de la communication : David Martinelly Agency: Rosapark Co-founder: Jean-Patrick Chiquiar Co-founders in charge of creative: Gilles Fichteberg and Jean-Francois Sacco Creative Directors: Mark Forgan and Jamie-Edward Standen Copywriter: Nicolas Gadesaude Art Director: Julien Saurin Account Management: Rozenn Traineau TV Production: Lauriane Dula Production: Insurrection Directors: Fleur & Manu Production Directors: Matias Boucard Producers: Hélène Daubert and Mounia Mebarki Coordinator: Marie Mezeray Post-production: Home DP Film Editing: Nicolas Larouquère and Alyson Gordon Colorists: Bertrand Duval and Laurent Ripoll Post-producer: Bianca Benloukil Special effects: Mathematic Post-production: Julie Lagadec Flame artist: Fred Brandon Music: Grabuge Title: « Emmersion » Music management: Jérôme Hatchuel Composer: Laurent Perez Del Mar