Trident Gum Helps Fight Cavities... Which is Super Useful.. And maybe there's some sort of anniversary going on here or perhaps they simple needed to re-shoot this in order to add the women dentists because god forbid if you don't show woman in every role now that there's activists on twitter ready to create a petition at the drop of a snark... Or perhaps the explanation is simpler than that, and Trident plain liked their 2003 Super Bowl ad "Squirrel" so much that they decided to do it again. Just do that exact ad, one more time, KTX.

Either way, me and Joelapompe are scratching our heads wondering what's going on. "Did they run out of new ideas?" he asks. I wonder, in cases like this, does JWT and the original creative team get a little kickback once again for their idea? No? Figures.

Ad Agency : In-House

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    Bobsbbd (not verified)

    Ya just gotta love ANYTHING featuring a squirrel doing natural squirrel things! Makes others in whatever situation look like nuts!

    Sep 16, 2015

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