Trident - Trident Factory (2007) 4:50 (UK)


Trident - Trident Factory (2007) 4:50 (UK)

In he colorful Trident factory pleasure research is done by men in lab coats. It's nicer to be kissed by a pretty girl, than by a dog.

Agency: AKQA/London
Creative Director: Dan Bonner
Associate Creative Director: Colin Byrne
Copywriters: Colin Byrne, Per Nielsen, Matt Longstaff
Art Directors: Dan Wright, Kevin Russell
Tech and Flash Production: Greg Mullen, Alex Willis, Emile Swain
Production Company: Bikini Films
Director: Jonty Toosey
Producer: Andy Leahy

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Fun! Long, but fun. I love the soft kitten bit. "Kittens are to soft what carbon fibre is to tough." (it's about halfway through the film).

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