A young man is fascinated by simple electricity, while a woman happily laughs at a toilet that can flush. What's going on?

It's just a new ad to tie in with "Triss" scratch lottery and their old tagline: "Suddenly.. it happens."

Flashback to 37 minutes earlier. The same couple enter a dreary dump, complete with electricity problems, leaky roof .. and a chicken. "It's Good. It's ok" the man says, telling his girlfriend "We're not going to spend all day in the hotel anyway." She nods. *bing* The phone interrupts: "Aaw, how sweet, mom sent me a Triss scratch lottery ticket"

Nice way to show the smartphone version of the lottery, guys. But if you can afford roaming costs in Thailand, you can afford a hotel. ;)

Client. Svenska Spel / Triss lotto

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