A kid with Trolli-made unicorn horn puts mix tape into horn to impress other kids who do not see his Trolli horn as being any big deal. Weirdly Awesome!

Weirdly meh. It's just more irony with Skittles wackiness. That now established convention wouldn't bother me so much if the situations in the spot were as awesome as they are weird.

See, weirdly awesome is when your overbearing mother shows up to your college during the first month to tell you that she’s worried about your social life, so she’s invited the hottest girls in a sorority. And before she leaves to let you fend for yourself, the hottest of all the hot girls at school walks in to the room wearing a balaclava made out of Trollis.

Weirdly awesome is the fact that every time you open a fresh bag of Trollis, somewhere a leprechaun starts twerking.

Weirdly awesome is being possessed by a ghost whose only noticeable difference as a result of the possession is that they make you really fun to be around at parties. And because people want to be around you so much at parties, they’re always bringing you Trollis.

See what I mean?

Client: Ferrara Candy Company Brand: Trolli Campaign Title: Weirdly Awesome Creative Agency: Periscope, Minneapolis Executive Creative Director: Charlie Callahan Creative Director: Rob Peichel Senior Art Director: Jen Neis Senior Copywriter: John Sullivan Producer: Kelly Farley Production Company: Hungry Man Director: Dave Laden Executive Producers: Kevin Byrne, Dan Duffy/Mino Jarjoura Producer: Caleb Dewart Director of Photography: Christian Spranger Editorial: Arcade Edit Editor: Nick Rondeau E.P. Managing Partner: Damian Stevens Executive Producer: Nicole Visram Post Producer: Gavin Carroll Assistant Editor: Carmen Hu Telecine: The Mill Executive Producer: LaRue Anderson Colorist: Greg Reeves Online & FX: Brewster Parsons Lead Flame Artist: Louis Mackall Producer: Georgina Poushkine Owner/President: Darcy Parsons Music: Echo Boys Artists: Tom Lecher, Alex Berglund, Tyler Tholl Audio Producer: Sara Davidson
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