Trouw - Doubt - (2013) :30 (The Netherlands)


Trouw - Doubt - (2013) :30 (The Netherlands)

"Doubt. Without doubt there's be no discussion."

Dutch is a pragmatic sort of language, and I can 'hear' how this copy would sound a lot better in Dutch, making it all seem more profound. It's also interesting that it's the newspapers editors and journalists you see in the ad, and not stock photos of random models. “Most likely the very best newspaper in Holland” is the tagline Trouw has run with for years. yes, most likely, even the line doubts.

The campaign targets a growing group of people that seek answer to larger question in life. The newspaper explains that ‘anyone searching for truth, must have the courage to doubt’. The commercial features no actors, but Trouw editors and even its chief editor, Willem Schoonen. The campaign was created by the new Boutique advertising agency KOKORO Amsterdam and airs April 18th on TV, radio, print and online media.


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