Now you can get a car for what it should be worth thanks to an app called TrueCar that allows you to see data on every make and model out there.

So hopefully this means less time spent negotiating. Fewer shenanigans. Less kerfuffles, too. They may even have gotten rid of hoopla, too.

Client: TrueCar
Agency: Tiny Rebellion, Santa Monica
CEO/CCO: Lucas Donat
Partner/Head of Strategy: Amir Haque
ECD: Jennifer Parke
Head of Production: Kris Homsher
Account Director: Tyler Bell
Account Executive: Lauren Olson
Production Company: Sandwich Video, Los Angeles
Director: Adam Lisagor
EP: Shadie Elnashai
Concept: Adam Lisagor
Writer: Adam Lisagor
Producer: Shadie Elnashai
Production Manager: Trevor Jones
DP: Charles Papert
Art Director: Sean Preston
Gaffer: Chad Cohlmia
Key Grip: Bodie Hyman
Editor: JP Bolles
Sound Recordist: Amanda Beggs
Sound Engineer: Travis Prater
Colorist: Clark Muller
Graphics: JP Bolles
Spokesperson/Talent: Adam Lisagor
Music/Composer: Alex Weinstein

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