We've seen a lot of classic political ads this year, with Josh Whedon taking the piss out of Hollywood choddy ads using every actor he knows, and Katy Perry updating the nude rock the vote idea pioneered by Madonna. Here Trump does a bogstandard "use opponents own words against them" ad, using Hillary's recent speech where she asks "Why aren't I 50 points ahead?" Or rather she yells, doesn't ask. Someone on set must have told her to add more energy to that phrase, and somehow it came off as "old woman yells at camera", where even the die hard Hillary fans thought it was a little strange. Edit that clip together with a sinister sounding background, Isis footage, lying about emails, and calling half of the United States voters "deplorables" and you got yourself a classic attack ad much like the other one recently released from the Trump campaign. It may not be a Daisy level ad from a creative standpoint, but it'll get attention. I guess they can't all be surreal social democratic ads directed by Roy Anderson.

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