truTV - The Whack - (2009) :30 (USA)


truTV - The Whack - (2009) :30 (USA)

Here's Mother New York’s first campaign for truTV. The campaign features two on-air spots, set to debut tonight. In this ad there is a very intentional homage to one of the first "virals" out there - we wrote about it here inspired by webmovies back in 2000, and still have a stamp-sized copy of the original parachuter film.

Agency: Mother
Client: truTV
Creative Director : Linus Karlsson & Paul Malmstrom
Art Director : Eric Cosper
Copywriter : Allon Tatarka
Producer (creative): Veronica Beach
Production Co.: Harvest
Director: Baker Smith
Dir of Photography: Bryan Newman
Line Producer: Shelby Smith
Editing Company: Spotwelders
Editor: Dick Gordon
Producer: Amanda Slammin/Tommy Murov
Post-Production Co: Click 3x
Visual EFX Co: John Budoin
Music Co.: Human
Composer: Human


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