Ever since I was a wee lass, there have been ads from Trygg Hansa in Sweden warning people that the majority of people who drown in Sweden are intoxicated middle-aged men, and urging people not to combine drinking alcohol with being on boats or swimming. Trygg Hansa have decided to update their message this year with this dark idea, using world class swimmers from Stockholm Men’s Synchronized Swimming Team, a lot of booze, a doctor from the Swedish National Swimming team - René Tour - and two lifeguards from The Swedish Life Saving Society as well as the Certified rescue diver, Linnea Persson, in the experiment. After a heavy night of drinking - and some spontaneous outbursts of the song "Helan Går" which indicates high levels of Swedish drunkenness - the Men’s Synchronized Swimming Team attempt to do a routine in the pool. It gets pretty dark.

Everyone can clearly see in our documentary that they should sober up before taking that lovely summer swim. You do not drive drunk and so you certainly should not plunge into the water drunk either, says Johan Eriksson from Trygg Hansa

Laerke Herthoni was the director but Swedes may spot a familiar name on a pair of swimming trunks, Herngren. Isn't that Måns? What's his role here? The press release and web site does not say.

Director: Laerke Herthoni