What do we want? A CURE FOR TOURETTES! When do we want it? CUNT!

June 19th at 9AM EST the Tourette Syndrome Foundation of Canada (TSFC) is launching Surrender Your Say, a Twitter campaign created by Saatchi and Saatchi Canada, to bring increased awareness to the disorder that is the butt of so many jokes. Tourette syndrom doesn't just affect speech, it includes a spectrum of tic disorders. It is most often associated with the exclamation of obscene words a.k.a coprolalia, but this symptom is present in only a small minority of people with Tourette's. Despite this, it's the star of the campaign idea.

See, if you surrendered your twitter-account to the www.surrenderyoursay.com twitter-bot yesterday, you would experience - sort of - what it was like to have involuntary speech. Except in text. The bot would tweet strange utterances at random from your account, and you could reap the WTF reactions from your twitter-friends. Check #SurrenderYourSay to see the ones still at it today.

“The biggest obstacle for people dealing with Tourette Syndrome is the attitude that people have when they see someone with physical and vocal tics. Without knowledge of the disorder, people are quick to judge. Surrender Your Say will help more people become familiar with the disorder and will help achieve the TSFC goal that all people who have Tourette Syndrome will lead quality lives as accepted and valued members of an informed, tolerant society.”
- Cathy Wylie, TSFC President

This isn’t the TSFC’s first awareness initiative. In 2011, they successfully released @Random- an online documentary that showcased the lives of many different people with Tourette Syndrome. To show that Tourette Syndrome manifests itself differently in everyone, every person who watched the documentary had a viewing experience different from the person before them. You can watch the documentary at www.atrandom.ca.

Title: Surrender Your Say Agency: Saatchi & Saatchi Canada Executive Creative Directors: Helen Pak, Brian Sheppard Art Director: Rachel Kennedy Copywriter: Shauna Roe Agency Producer: Lisa Hamilton, Simon Conlin Agency Head of Production: Michelle Orlando Account team: Nick Moretta, Sheraz Amin PR: Sarah Campbell Digital Production: The Development Factory Digital Executive Producer: Suzanne Abate Digital Producer: Lindy Zucker Developer: Andrew Bodis Editor: Bijoux Visual Effects: Track & Field Sound: Boombox Client: Tourette Syndrome Foundation of Canada Launch date: June 19, 2013

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