Fewer things are more satisfying than solving a jigsaw puzzle. For film historians, restoring silent films are just as challenging and just as rewarding. In 2017 The Toronto Silent Film Festival is focused on newly restores silent films. Some of which have not been seen in a century. This year, to let fans experience the feeling of restoring a silent film Red Lion have created the first ever Instagram Jigsaw Puzzle. To solve the puzzle, fans need to search through all the images, and save them in the correct order, using Instagram's new save feature. Simple? Not so much. The first seven people who manage to do so will get a surprise.

Title: Instagram Jigsaw Puzzle Client: The Toronto Silent Film Festival Advertising Agency: Red Lion Canada Chief Creative Officer: Matt Litzinger Associate Creative Director: Pepe Bratanov Senior Copywriter: Kyle Carpenter Copywriter: Andrew Parsons Designer: Christopher McCluskey Client Service Director: Kaitlin Doherty Account Supervisor: Amanda McMillan Account Coordinator: Rebecca Damiani Producer: Meghan Cassidy Producer: Alisa Pellizzari