Tui Blond - Vortex / Bikini scientist - (2011) :30 (New Zealand)


Tui Blond - Vortex / Bikini scientist - (2011) :30 (New Zealand)

Yeah, I have a question. Is that "vortex" neck as stupid as this ad is? "Fully release the lager taste", you're just agitating the beer by a faster pour into a glass (which by the way, nobody uses), aren't you? Or is it to help chug beer faster? My bet is that this novelty bottle will vanish just like the "ice" beers of the 90s did before it.



Why, why, and again why are beer commercials so brain dead stupid? Huh? Right, male - 16 drinking age to 30. To their credit all the stereotypical components are in the ad:

1. Beer - cannot forget to show the product a few seconds.
2. Target of ad - male, college age, standard no fashion clothing (selling beer not suits), goofy facial expressions.
3. Authority, Science - female, attractive, undressing, getting soaked in water, tits & ass shots.

Enough? Yes.

Personally, I can't see why the "techical expert" turns in the opposite direction during her demonstration run.

I don't see a right-left turn in the pipe that surrounds the factory ... nor in the bottle.

Technical fault ....

Clever ad. No desire to try the beer, though.