Remember when we told you that Twentythree hijacked Alex Bogusky's face book fan page and held it hostage back in march? Twentythree's demands were cheap, but sneaky:  You will buy one share of our company for 1$.
Alex ain't no fool, he knew what this meant but thought the idea so funny - and cheap "what did it cost, like a nickle?" that he willingly bought a share for a buck and thus gave birth to the Israeli agency that can claim that Alex Bogusky is their partner.

Now the agency is sending this case to the Cannes Lions awards. It would be hilarious if an idea that cost a nickle (and six months of preparation, since they created that Alex Bogusky fan page long before the "hijack") won something. Hilarious in the painful way.

I asked TwentyThree so you made the Alex fan page 6 months earlier? Were you planning to launch this way all along?

Twentythree (whom you can follow @23Live on twitter): the answer is yes + yes.
We've launched the page early September last year and that was the plan all along.

"I'm signing this, that's it we're done. we're in business together fellas" - Alex Bogusky

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