To celebrate how “every friendship has a twist,” Twizzlers and Anomaly selected 16 artists to design a fun series of limited edition packaging, illustrating the various ways in which people enjoy Twizzlers together. Like when they ugly-cry at the movies, car DJ or study at the library. Nice Shoes Creative Studio, led by Creative Director Matt Greenwood, explored the animated worlds of these packages in this 15 second spot.

Three of the limited edition packages are featured in the fast-paced spot. Each pack has its own style, characters, and color scheme, unique to the original artists, and Nice Shoes was careful to work to preserve this as they crafted the spot.

“We were really inspired by the illustrations. We stayed close to the original style and brought them into a 3d space,” explained Greenwood. “There’s only a few seconds to register each package, so the challenge was to bring all the different styles and colors together within this time span. Select characters and objects carry over from one scene into the next, acting as transitional elements. The Twizzlers logo stays on-screen throughout, acting as a constant amongst the choreographed craziness.”

The Nice Shoes team utilized a balance of 3d and 2d animation, creating a CG pack while executing the characters on the packs with hand drawn animation. Greenwood proposed taking advantage of the rich backgrounds that the artists had drawn, animating tiny background elements in addition to the main characters in order to make each pack feel more alive.

“The team at Nice Shoes was incredible to work with. We were blown away from the first meeting,” said Anomaly Copywriter Roni Gellert. “They felt like real partners with us on the project and brought our ideas to life brilliantly and effortlessly,” added Anomaly Art Director Iva Prkacin.

“Working with Anomaly was great,” Greenwood concludes. “We were on the same page creatively as to what was working and what wasn’t. They were always very open to exploring the possibilities of what could be done with the concept, there was never a moment where we were scaling back; for everyone involved it was about being as bold as possible.”

Agency: Anomaly
ECD: Pete Breton
CD: Jamie Marcovitch / Todd Cornelius
CW: Roni Gellert
AD: Iva Prkacin
Head of Production: Janice Bisson
Producer: Megan Flett
Head of Account Services: Bryden McDonald
Account Supervisor: Vlad Omazic
Account Executive: Brittany Golding
PM: Kayla MacDonald

Animation: Nice Shoes Creative Studio
Creative Director: Matt Greenwood
Design Director: Stefan Woronko
2D Animator: Robert Findlay
Executive Producer: Kristen Van Fleet

Music house: Grayson Matthews

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  • ROXANN Keeling's picture
    ROXANN Keeling (not verified)

    Your commercial with the angry criers , is so bad, why does the man sound like he is freezing and shivering not crying

    Jun 27, 2017
  • AnonymousCoward's picture
    AnonymousCoward (not verified)

    Totally agree!

    Jun 30, 2017

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