"The First Social Hotel in Israel U Coral Beach Club Eilat" they called this, and old adgrunts know to be very careful calling anything "the first". There's a previous implementation of wristbands and easy facebook sharing, but that was done in a teen camp, so I guess "first hotel" is true.

The idea of encouraging Facebook sharing of vacation pictures by placing fun cameras around the resort, even in the pool, that can be accessed with a simple wristband obviously works quite well in a country with high adoption of Facebook. For the hotel it is thus a brilliant social media sharing campaign. Not everyone is comfortable sharing that widely (and not on Facebook), but that's another discussion. Hotel guests receive an RFID bracelet that can be identified by a sensor located in 16 different stations around the hotel. The bracelet automatically connects them to their Facebook account and can post their experiences in realtime. You no longer have to bore your mates with slides from your vacation, you can just brag 24/7 via your RFID bracelet.

Seriously, at some point we're just going to start chipping humans, aren't we? *shivers*

Advertising Agency: Ecaliptoos Country: Israel Client: Fattal Hotels CEO: Maor Chen, Elad Stefansky VP Creative: Maayan Dar Supervisor: Yarden Rot VP Content: Joel Ariel Shamir Content Manager: Ron Levi Account Manager: Anat Nushi Sherm Technology: Ofer Leshem Fattal Hotels Marketing Manager: Nadav Fattal Fattal Hotels Project Manager: July Arviv Fattal Hotels Internet Manager: Boris Kimelman

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