Screaming babies sing "La Vie En Rose." It is so well shot, and so fun. And I love the message, too: For happier generation tomorrow, let's shop responsibly today.
The only problem of course is the screaming babies. I enjoyed watching it on mute, though. So. Much. Screaming.

Client: U Supermarket Client : Sandrine Burgat, Laurène de Demandolx and Delphine Desmeulles Agency: TBWA Paris Agency Contacts: Luc Bourgery, Philippe Senejoux and Marianne Durand Executive Creative Directors : Faustin Claverie and Benjamin Marchal CEO Else : Maxime Boiron TV Producer : Caroline Petruccelli Production : Sonny London Director : Fredrik Bond VOP : Ryley Brown Producer : Alicia Richards et Helen Kenny Post production UK : Nineteen Twenty London Post production Paris : Else Color grading : Didier Lefouest @ Digital District Music : Else Head of music and sound: Olivier Lefebvre Sound Director : Thomas Anduze

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