Another day, another hidden camera prank.

But oh how fun this one is for Ubisoft's new game "Watchdogs." If you're gonna do it, you might as well go big and add explosions and choreographed car accidents, too. It's nice the way it builds up slowly.

My only nitpick is that if they are "real people," who wandered in the store, what are the chances they are also "real gamers?" If they are real gamers, it would probably have gotten even more earned media as they'd be telling their friends on forums etc. If not, they're just unwilling know, until they've signed the waiver and you pay them for their "authentic performance."

Oh, kids of Adland, you didn't know these people end up getting paid after the fact? Try working in California. If you even so much as try to put these people in a spot, and they aren't part of SAG or AFTRA unions? Those unions will come down on you so hard you'll feel like you're on Cadillac trunk away from Jimmy Hoffa.

I digress...

When the cars collide and they pull out the rug, one of the real people says "I'd like to do that," which is kind of disturbing when you think about it. Dude just witnessed what he thought was an accident. Then when he realizes it's for a game he's like "Oh, i can make cars collide? Sweet!"

Y'all are messed up.

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