In case you are lazy and don't want to try out the Collapse experience for Tom Clancy's The Division, you can watch the walk through here.

CLIENT UBISOFT CLIENT MANAGEMENT Guillaume Carmona, Lionel Hiller, Pierre, Miazga, Alexandre Guenounou. Guillaume Apesteguy, AGENCY BETC & BETC DIGITAL AGENCY MANAGEMENT Jean-Charles Caboche, Tiphaine du Plessis, Eugénie Valletoux, Maxime Huyghe, Michael Korsec, Damien Clanet. EXECUTIVE CREATIVE DIRECTOR Stéphane Xiberras CREATIVE DIRECTORS Christophe Clapier et Ivan Beczkowski ART DIRECTORS Vincent Blachère, Raphaël Perrollier COPYWRITERS Adrien Héron, Alban Gallee, Simon Lamasa CREATIVE TECHNOLOGISTS Thibault Dargeou, Frédéric Petitpont, Alexis Galbourdin LEAD DEVELOPER Nicolas Barradeau STRATEGIC PLANNING Kevin Hutchings PRODUCTION Make me Pulse et David Ronai

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