Ubisoft: "Watch Dogs: We Are Data" (2013) :50 (France)


Ubisoft: "Watch Dogs: We Are Data" (2013) :50 (France)

BETC Paris launched a trailer for the new open world action game Watch Dogs.
They also made a corresponding microsite, We Are Data,
which allows you to see all kinds of geo-targetted data from three different cities in real time.

Edward Snowden would be proud.

BRAND UBISOFT BRAND MANAGERS Geoffroy Sardin, Guillaume Carmona, Lionel Hiller, Sophie Blandin, Jean Guérin, Louis Gambini, AGENCY BETC Digital AGENCY MANAGERS Xavier Blairon, Eugénie Valletoux, Thibault Cuisiniez, Michaël Korsec, Tiphaine Du-Plessis, Thomas Boutte, Damien Clanet, CHIEF CREATIVE OFFICER/PRESIDENT OF BETC DIGITAL CREATIVE DIRECTORS Stéphane XIBERRAS Christophe CLAPIER, Ivan BECZKOWSKI ART DIRECTOR Julien Derreveaux, Loris Cormorèche, Hugo Thomas COPYWRITER Adrien Héron TECHNICAL DIRECTOR Thibault DARGEOU, Frédéric Petitpont LEAD DEVELOPPER Nicolas Barradeau DEVELOPMENT Abder Zeghoud, Jérôme Birembaut, Edan Kwan, Loïc Urien, Jérémy Boutier, Simon Dourys DATA CONSULTANT Jean Brugerolles SOUND DESIGN LGM

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