"My name is Barney. Jeremiah Barney. From UBREW with love. And here it is. The beer, that all other beers are asking you to drink. And not only this-- they're also donating their jingles. Famous songs. Old rock anthems. Even Enya, sometimes. We want to give something back to you. Please feel free whenever you want to use our Responsibly beer jingle." Responsibly. The beer all other beers ask you to drink.

They already have thee spots, but they could run 3,000 and still have a hit.

Client: UBREW
Agency: McCann Milan and Craft London

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  • Alberto Grinrod's picture
    Alberto Grinrod (not verified)

    What a fab campaign. I want to see more of this Jeremiah Barney. Very amusing. Can't wait to try the beer...

    May 10, 2017
  • Arny's picture
    Arny (not verified)

    Nice, but not new.

    Jun 03, 2017

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