Teaser for the new season of The Ultimate Fighter. "I wasn't brn to be a fighter. I was born to be a champion," the voice over tells us. Followed by Long May She Reign.

Client: FS1
EVP Head of Marketing: Robert Gottlieb
SVP Marketing: Bill Battin
VP Marketing: Blake Danforth
VP Marketing: Keith Hritz
Creative Director: Josh Nichols
Brand Director: Keri Gajewski
Brand Manager: Leslie McDonald
Producer: Tatiana Hithe
Sound Design: Chris Fina

Design & Animation Company: Laundry
Director/Executive Creative Director: Anthony Liu
Head of Features & Broadcast: Dan Masciarelli
Post Producer: Susan Harris
Line Producer: Mark Priola
Managing Director: James Sweigert
Editor: Justin Freedman
Compositors: Ramzi Hogan & Anthony Liu
Designers: Micah Fitzgerald & Jason Forrest Hogg

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