In a field go skipping happy smiling women. Until the happy scene changes into a post-apocalyptic scene in a refugee camp somewhere in a warn-torn country. The message comes up stark and clear in big type: women are bleeding. you can help refugee women get their basic needs to start over. Provide refugee women dignity kits, pads, soap and flashlight.
While I don't disagree that women refugees need as much help as they can get, I'm not sure this tactic is the best way to convey that message. The implication is that women in the rest of the world are skipping along without a care in the world, Especially ironic in Iceland, where only in October, women left their jobs at 2:38 to protest the fact they get paid 14-18% less than men for doing the same job. There also happens to be a surprisingly high amount of domestic violence in these progressive Nordic countries. So again, I think there were dozens of ways to communicate this idea rather than portraying women in so-called first world countries as having zero issues. It also suggests women have a stunning lack of empathy unless something literally appears before their eyes.

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