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Freddie Laker - Sapient - re "Best job n the world"

This belongs to the interview with Freddie Laker at the Cannes Lions 2009 Freddie Laker - Sapient - Spontanious combustion & Coke Vending machines

"If it won a grand prix tonight, I'd probably spontaneously combust".


Civilisation (MEGAPLEX) 2008 By Marco Brambilla

Civilisation (MEGAPLEX) 2008 By Marco Brambilla

The owner of the Standard was familiar with Marco Brambilla's from a show in New York. He commissioned a video piece to be featured as a permanent installation at the new Standard hotel in New York - in the elevator.


AdofDamonth.com - Only the best will survive - print, United Arab Emirates

Advertised brand: www.adofdamonth.com
Advert title(s):
AdofDaMonth "Call for entries" - Guillotine;
AdofDaMonth "Call for entries" - Hanging;
AdofDaMonth "Call for entries" - Shot

Translation of headline to English:
Call for entries. Only the best will survive.


We'll lick it - DDB , print self-promo, South Africa

We're that kid. say DDB South Africa.
Signed http://goodguysworkinghardandhavingfun.com which is a really long URL, man. Check out the website for many examples of DDB's latest work.

blend spirit

Blend Images repositions their brand with portraits of strong people & the help of Spil.

Spil Creative, the NY based boutique branding studio has created this campaign for Blend Images that "deals with re-thinking the labels we place on people and culture".

”We are very excited about the changes to our branding and our campaign,” said Sarah Fix, Creative
Director at Blend Images. “Our new logo, website, and our brand identity is bold -- stylistically conveying
commercial polish with an editorial edge. Our new ads are provocative – challenging stereotypes


Adidas Originals Courir - Videogame City - (2009) :40 (Canada)

Adidas Originals Courir - Videogame City - (2009) :40 (Canada)

Courier turns city streets into a eight-bit pixellated street fighter game, where jump ups gets points.


Red House Furniture - Black and White People Furniture

Red House Furniture - Black and White People Furniture

Red House furniture has a local ad begging us all to get along, because at the Red House everyone agrees the furniture has great pricing.


Substral Fertilizer - Tree Poster Adshel , print, Denmark

There are no boring clients, only boring ideas. When Bark Copenhagen had to come up with a campaign for something as drab as Substral Fertilizer, the idea grew to big to be tagged simply "press & poster" even though it is a regular adshel. Check it out inside. (Quicktime movie)


Mizbala - Self Promo, Biza cards, Kosher stamp & giant invoice stationary - ambient, Israel

"Mizbala is an Israeli based creative agency that specializes in creating unconventional campaigns such as Guerrilla & Experiential marketing for her clients." They also just sent us this.

Biz card:


School of Visual Arts - Think - ambient, USA

Short rationale: Creative thinkers such as Stefan Sagmeister, Paula Scher and Milton Glaser teach classes at the School of Visual Arts.
This campaign reflects that tradition by encouraging people everywhere to "Think" while also giving them a place to write down their thoughts.

Ah, neat, KNARF New York has made lined papers out of our beloved idea-receiving objects at hand everywhere, like the good old napkin, toilet paper rolls (yes, using toilet paper as ad media just like crumpler did in October last year I predict coupons on TP by 2010), even sugar packets and tray liners. Nice idea, nice looking execution and thanks for all that lined paper I totally need. Check out the other executions and credits inside.